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all over the world whose systems get infected with Google redirect virus. It is possible to catch this virus but it is not impossible to get Google redirect fix. You must understand the way this virus affects your system and what threat it poses to your system. The virus would read all your web browsing and searching that you do on your system. As a result users are not directed to the right page but to fake pages with corrupted ads and infected files.

If you see that your desktop background changes on its own, when your homepage has also changed to some other website, when your browser starts to work slowly, contaminated messengers and emails are all sure sings that you need Google redirect fix.

When you work on the Google redirect fix your system would be free from the virus and infections. It would select the hidden devices on your control panel. You do not need to uninstall the file because it would not really work. The virus would be back as soon as the computer is switched on. You need to reboot the system and then download any antivirus software to keep this virus out in reach of your system. The antivirus would make sure that your system is clean and pure and Google redirect fix has been done.

You also need to play safe when you are using the internet. Try not to go to the malicious websites and always keep on scanning your system so that it stays free from any kind of threat and virus. Your security software should also be updated so that no virus can easily have an access to your pc. You can also use two antivirus tools so that your computer is completely being scanned and what one software can’t detect the other is capable of detecting.

If you are able to successfully run Google redirect fix then your system would become super fast. It becomes really slow when your system is infected with viruses. So when you are through the process you would be amazed at the way your system would start working. There are many ways that you can learn on how to keep a check on your computer and must not ignore this. It is very important that you keep your system clean of enemies just like you take care of your house.


The way to get rid of this virus is to first ensure that you’re able to fix any of the problems that it has caused on your system – specifically being able to fix any of the issues with the files & settings it has altered on your system. There are two forms (variants) of this virus – a “Trojan Horse” infection and a “Browser Hijack Object”, both of which need to be removed in specific ways.

To get rid of this virus, you basically need to use the tools which are going to repair the specific type of virus that you have on your PC. To do this, you can first use a trojan horse remover called Hitman Pro, and also a program that will repair any of the damaged settings on your PC, called ComboFix. These can be both downloaded from the Internet and then run on your PC to remove the virus from your system.


Anti-Virus programs do not remove the redirect virus because this virus works by just changing a number of files which Windows uses to run, making it nearly invisible. To clean out your PC, it’s important that you’re able to resolve any of the issues which are allowing the virus to run.

If your PC is infected with the Google redirect virus you it is a hard enough to remove it and just as hard to stop it blocking your internet and sending you to malicious sites you really do not want to visit at all.

here are the steps you need to take to get a Google redirect fix and to protect your computer.

The first part will stop it blocking and redirecting your internet connection and the second part will help you to remove this malware fast.

1. Restart your computer. When your computer starts, but before windows starts up press the “F8” key on your keyboard and keep pressing it until you see a list of options. 
2. Scroll down to the “Safe Mode with Networking” option and then press enter. 
3. Open internet explorer and click on the tools menu at the top and then click on internet options. 
4. Once in there click on connections and then click on the LAN settings. 
5. Now you will see the LAN settings. Make sure you untick the box that says Use a proxy server for your LAN under the Proxy Server section and then select ok.

What the above step does is to prevent this malware from sending you to the internet via its own connection and gives you back a direct internet connection again.

At this point do not restart your computer. If you want a Google redirect fix you need to stay in safe mode and then carry out the next step to get rid of the Google redirect virus for good.

1. Download a system and registry scanner. This will scan windows for this malware and more importantly will also scan the registry as well, which is where the settings for it are. Many people try to remove this malware manually and it comes back in hours, this is because you need to remove every trace of it and ensure your internet connection is fixed as well.

2. Run a full scan to help you to find this virus and any other malicious software it has helped install on your computer.

3. Follow the instructions to help you rid yourself of the Google redirect virus for good and get a Google redirect fix to stop this malware coming back.

If you find you cannot connect to the internet or your browser is constantly being redirected to malicious and third party sites you need to follow these instructions now to get your computer back to normal and to remove this malware which is slowing down your computer and redirecting all your internet connection.

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