The way to get rid of this virus is to first ensure that you’re able to fix any of the problems that it has caused on your system – specifically being able to fix any of the issues with the files & settings it has altered on your system. There are two forms (variants) of this virus – a “Trojan Horse” infection and a “Browser Hijack Object”, both of which need to be removed in specific ways.

To get rid of this virus, you basically need to use the tools which are going to repair the specific type of virus that you have on your PC. To do this, you can first use a trojan horse remover called Hitman Pro, and also a program that will repair any of the damaged settings on your PC, called ComboFix. These can be both downloaded from the Internet and then run on your PC to remove the virus from your system.


Anti-Virus programs do not remove the redirect virus because this virus works by just changing a number of files which Windows uses to run, making it nearly invisible. To clean out your PC, it’s important that you’re able to resolve any of the issues which are allowing the virus to run.